Thank you so much for the prompt processing of my 2 x order by Nirvana Natural Bliss and for the amazing mask. From payment to delivery it took 5 days, with a weekend in between. The mask fits my daughter perfectly and is made of a good and durable quality fabric. I was so happy with the product that I bought a second batch.

Joann McCallum

Love this product- the Baby Aqueous Body Lotion. Ordered one to try and the next week ordered 2 more. Reliable delivery. Products exactly as described and very friendly service. Lovely, cute and comfortable Bear shield. Voice doesn’t echo behind it. The black adult mask has great comfort. Easy to breath. Looks great.

Kim du Plooy

Thank you so much Nirvana.  We have placed our order of 4xface masks on a Saturday evening and delivery of it was promptly on Wednesday morning with the correct colours and sizes. 
It was definitely admirable since we purchase online goods regularly and most times have bad repores on delivery timing.
Thank you for helping keep Cape Town safe.  We appreciate you!

Trevor Graham, HRK CAPE

My daughter had chill blain nothing worked. We tried zinc cream, Vaseline, normal moisturiser. Yesterday I put the nirvana aqueous cream with essential oils. Today it's almost all gone. The redness has faded and the scaliness is gone in one application.

Hayley Thea Ittmann

I love the soothing and hydrating mist its refreshing. The scrub is amazing , my skin feels smooth, cleansed. I love your amazing products and the name Nirvana Natural Bliss says it all💐

Nadia Basha

Thank you for order... this mask is beautiful and exactly is described.. very nicely packed in a sealed resealable bag...I’m very happy with my purchase 

Marlene de Wet

Amazing, amazing product! My little one has very sensitive skin. I have started using the baby products and I have had no problems! His skin is soft and moisturized! A product you can trust!

Tanya van der Merwe

Nothing can be more strict or sensitive commercially for keeping the softness and beauty of baby skin. From the winelands of the Cape comes a finesse line of locally produced, nontoxic baby skin product, avoiding all unnecessary or unvalidated chemical ingredients for the skincare of newborns and toddlers.

Dr Kae-Yng Ou (MD. MMed)

I've been using Nirvana Natural Bliss baby lotion the last week or so, and it is just so lovely and luxurious. Great essential oil blend for the calming smell, and the best feeling ever to not be exposing my precious tot's skin to nasty petrochemicals. Such a rich and smooth product. Will definitely be recommending to all baby mamas!

Jacqueline Flint

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