100% Pure Cold Pressed Jojoba Oil

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Facial Oil
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Jojoba oil originates in the Americas and closely resembles the natural sebum oil produced by the sebaceous glands of your skin. Traditionally, Native Americans used the oil and seeds for treating sores, cuts, bruises and burns; as a skin conditioner for relief of windburn and sunburn and to restore skin and hair.

To Use

Facial Oil and Moisturizer 

Apply four to six drops in the morning and at night before bed. For best results use a Jade Roller to increase the absorption of the oil.

Hair & Scalp Moisturizer

Add three to five drops to your conditioner or apply one to two drops to damp hair after showering.

Reduces Wrinkles

Use one to three drops of jojoba oil and apply it to wrinkled areas, then rub it into your skin in a circular motion until it’s absorbed.

Makeup Removal

Add three to five drops of jojoba oil to a cotton ball or pad and wipe off makeup.

Lip Balm

Apply one to two drops of jojoba oil to your lips whenever needed.

Fights Skin Infections

Add one to three drops of jojoba oil to the infected or irritated area twice daily.



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