About Us



Our journey begun as a labour of love when our founder formulated and developed gentle and safe skincare essentials for her own baby. We have since embarked on a remarkable skincare journey that marries the ancient beauty secrets passed down by our ancestors from various countries with the wonders of modern science. The result is a transcendent experience that goes beyond ordinary skincare, bringing about a state of pure bliss and rejuvenation.

 Sourced from Nature- Inspired by Tradition- Proven by Science®




Our passion lies in developing exceptional beauty products that are luxurious, safe and effective.

Our products are free from harsh ingredients and are derived when at least 98% of the molecule are from natural sources such as plant extracts, botanical actives, essential oils, plant oils and butters.

We do not use these ingredients in our product development and formulations:

  • Formaldehyde Hydroquinone           
  • Mineral oils/Petroleum          
  • Parabens
  • Phthalates SLES/SLS                
  • Talc                                       
  • Urea
  • Liquid Paraffin PEG                         
  • Alcohol                                 
  • Animal fats




While many skincare brands rely solely on marketing claims or popular trends, Nirvana Natural Bliss stands out by offering a scientific foundation for our formulations. This sets us apart in terms of credibility, transparency, and the ability to deliver results backed by scientific knowledge.

The founder of Nirvana Natural Bliss, with a background as a medical scientist and a master's degree in public health, brings a unique and valuable perspective to our skincare brand. This combination of expertise sets us apart from many other skincare brands in several ways.

Scientific Knowledge and Research: The founder's background in medical science and public health equips us with a deep understanding of the intricacies of the skin, skincare ingredients, and their impact on overall well-being. This scientific knowledge allows us to develop products based on evidence-based research and to stay updated with the latest advancements in skincare.

Expertise in Skin Health: With a master's degree in public health, our founder possesses a comprehensive understanding of skin health, including factors such as nutrition, environmental influences, and lifestyle choices. This holistic approach enables us to develop skincare products that not only enhance external beauty but also promote overall skin wellness.

Emphasis on Safety and Efficacy: The rigorous training and education in a doctorate in medical science and public health instill a strong commitment to safety and efficacy. At Nirvana Natural Bliss, we prioritise quality control, adhere to strict industry standards, and conduct thorough testing to ensure that our products deliver results while maintaining the utmost safety for our customers.

 Evidence-Based Formulations: The combination of a medical science background and public health expertise empowers us to create formulations that are based on scientific evidence. We carefully select ingredients supported by research, focusing on their proven benefits for the skin. This approach sets us apart from brands that may rely on trendy or unsubstantiated claims.

Contribution to Skincare Education: With a foundation in public health, we are committed to educating our customers about skin health, proper skincare practices, and the benefits of our products. We strive to empower individuals to make informed choices regarding their skincare routines and overall well-being.


In summary, we have a distinct advantage in terms of scientific knowledge, evidence-based formulations, product safety, and a holistic approach to skincare. These factors differentiate us from other skincare brands and reinforce our commitment to providing high-quality, effective, and scientifically grounded products to our valued customers.




Discover the nirvana of skincare through our formulation beliefs and guiding philosophy.

We believe in:

  • Inventing our own products as natural as possible
  • Not testing our products on animals
  • Transparency to see, know and feel the natural difference


Nirvana Natural Bliss Philosophy



Guided by our philosophy of transparency for you to see, know and feel the natural difference, we take the guesswork out of knowing what’s in the product by displaying the active ingredients in a window, on the product itself. Our adult facial skincare ranges are housed in glass jars and for safety reasons we have opted for plastic tubes for our baby skincare range.







The Colours in our logo are inspired by the Black and White from the yīnyáng, “dark-bright” symbol, that describes the synergy of opposites in the natural world.

The Colour Gold in our logo embodies the opulent approach to beauty and the premium and luxurious nature of our formulations. 



REuse, REduce, REcycle


We are all aware of how crucial it is to preserve the environment for present and future generations as well as to avoid using plastics that frequently endanger marine life.

We want to help in the effort to reduce plastic waste and promote the use, reduce, and recycle philosophy.

We want to help you save money while being green.

Not only will you be helping save the planet and its' eco-systems but you will save R100 off your next  purchase when you return 10 of your Nirvana Natural Bliss Facial Cleanser glass bottles, Nirvana Natural Bliss Scrub glass jars and  any Nirvana Natural Bliss Facial Moisturiser Glass Containers.

What we do then is use an autoclave, a pressure chamber,  that uses high heat and pressure, to sterilise the bottles for reuse.





dr nirvana pillay nirvana natural bliss


Trained as a medical scientist with a speciality in Neuroscience and having completed postdoctoral studies at both the University of Cape Town and a World Health Organisation fellowship at the prestigious Karolinska Institute in Sweden, Dr Pillay brings a unique understanding and scientific rigour to the process of formulating products.  Appalled by the amount of chemicals that so many mainstream products contain, Dr Pillay sought to dispel the confusion that a long ingredient list filled with technical names can often cause consumers. Instead, guided by a philosophy that espouses full transparency, the Nirvana Natural Bliss product range quite literally shines a window on the ingredient list – with all products packaged to clearly indicate the botanical actives they contain.

It’s an alternative natural and holistic approach to beauty that has always interested her and although having dabbled in trying out homemade beauty concoctions and formulations over the years, the Nirvana Natural Bliss product range is also backed by scientific findings that prove the efficacy of botanical actives.

As opposed to harsh ingredients that are chemically-derived and have conclusively been found to cause harmful effects to the body, all ingredients used in the Nirvana Natural Bliss range are selected under a strict criteria that requires that at least 98% of the molecule is from natural sources such as plant extracts, botanical actives, essential oils, plant oils and butters. In addition, no formaldehyde, hydroquinone, mineral oils, petroleum, parabens, SLS/SLES, talc, phthalates, urea, microbeads or animal fats are used in the products.

This results-driven approach mirrors the passionate drive that has caused Dr.Pillay to follow a career path not rooted in convention, and instead driven by an entrepreneurial zeal and diverse range of interests.

Upon completing her postdoctoral research, Dr. Pillay initially joined a biotechnology firm as a Research Manager to lead a team of scientists in developing TB diagnostic kits. Thereafter she left to start her own bioconsulting firm, XCell BioConsulting which quickly earned a reputation as the leading bioconsulting firm in Southern Africa; working to combine scientific expertise with business acumen in order to create powerful and innovative solutions in the healthcare, biotechnology and pharmaceutical sectors. It was in this capacity that Dr Pillay then channelled her own experience within the corporate world to pass these skills on to students at the UCT Graduate School of Business.


Identifying a need for SA-driven drug innovation and the chance to improve worrying unemployment rates among university graduates lead to a decision to develop three courses aimed at merging entrepreneurial skills with scientific knowledge. Intended to help emerging bioentrepreneurs establish themselves professionally, it’s a project that continues to be close to her heart. With impending motherhood on the horizon though along with her own entrepreneurial aspirations that have in part been inspired by her own upbringing as part of an industrious family in Kwa-Zulu Natal, she sought the freedom to craft a lifestyle that would allow her to create a skincare brand reflecting her personal ethos.

It’s a decision that she hasn’t looked backed from. “Having a more flexible schedule has not only allowed me to spend time with my son, but also apply myself fully to developing and expanding my business,” says Pillay. It’s a move that has not been without challenges, she continues, “Being outside of academia and in a new industry with so many elements needed to get a product to market has come with a unique set of challenges, however I am striving to create the best product possible and that’s what keeps me motivated.”

With a couple of exciting new products in the pipeline – including an innovative new range of vegan cosmetics – as well as a strategic vision that involves a standalone store and plans for international expansion, it’s clear that the combination of multifaceted abilities and determination of founder, Dr Nirvana Pillay make her the quintessential modern businesswoman well equipped to share the science of natural and organic skincare with a consumer market eager to make the switch to clean and green!

Dr. Pillay was selected and honoured to be a Woman and Home Beauty Awards Judge in 2020.