Nirvana Natural Bliss Brightening Set

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This all-natural brightening set, includes 5 full-sized products  that contain botanical actives that promote an even skin tone and a brighter complexion.

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Nirvana Natural Bliss Brightening Facial Cleanser (100ml)

Sulfate-free and paraben-free and is suitable For dark spots, hyper-pigmentation and uneven skintone

A gentle cleanser with a powerful blend of natural actives, that contains the strong antioxidant properties of Turmeric, the healing and astringent properties of Sandalwood and the natural toning benefits of Frankincense, that will leave your skin feeling bright, clean and flawless.

Nirvana Natural Bliss Brightening Toner (50ml) 

All Natural & Alcohol-free

This formulation is a perfect balance between Witch Hazel and Rose Water. It hydrates, refreshes and balances the pH of the skin and also incorporates a natural blend of essential oils that not only promotes even skin tone, but also has brightening properties.

Nirvana Natural Bliss Brightening Facial Night Serum (20ml)**

Nirvana Natural Bliss Brightening Facial Night Serum contains licorice root extract from France. Licorice root extract is a natural skin lightening alternative to a chemical called hydroquinone. It contains an active called glabridin, which is a tyrosinase inhibitor, a key enzyme that causes pigmentation. In addition this serum is packed full of essential oils of Turmeric, Lemon, Lavender and Carrot Seed that work in synergy to not only nourish your skin but brighten it. This serum safely lightens skin tone and fades the appearance of dark spots and pigmentation to reveal a brighter healthier skin. 

Nirvana Natural Bliss Brightening Facial Scrub (40g)

This formulation consists of a combination of natural and organic oils, with the best kept beauty skincare secret of Asia, rice. Rice naturally contains actives that serve as a sunscreen, an anti-oxidant and an anti-inflammatory that promotes skin repair.  Lemon oil contains two potent natural skin brightening ingredients: limonene and citric acid. Limonene helps treat skin discoloration, protects against sun exposure and lightens skin. Citric acid is an Alpha Hydroxy Acid, which exfoliates dead cells and stimulates cell turnover thereby leaving an even-toned and bright complexion. 

Nirvana Natural Bliss Brightening Moisturiser (50g)**

IIf you have uneven skin tone, dark spots and hyper-pigmentation and are looking for a natural way of achieving brighter and lighter skin this is the moisturiser for you. This highly innovative formulation contains glutathione that contains three essential amino acids that work in unison to achieve a brighter luminous tone which promotes radiance and a natural glow.