Our Story

Nirvana Natural Bliss is a luxury Vegan skincare range developed by a PhD Medical scientist and mother Dr. Nirvana Pillay.


As an expectant mother, Dr. Pillay discovered a need in the market for result-driven, scientifically formulated, natural and safe skincare—a cause close to her heart.

Given the lack of options, she was able to successfully combine her medical background and business acumen to develop a product line that epitomizes an opulent approach to beauty and is manufactured with the best sustainable resources Mother Nature has to offer.

Dr Nirvana Pillay's main focus has been the formulation of products using scientifically backed, safe and efficacious active ingredients in the right percentages and combinations to develop transparent, ethical, honest products that work.

Inspired by the idea of nirvana as a state of perfect equilibrium and spiritual enlightenment, Dr Pillay decided to tie this ancient Sanskrit word in with the branding as a reflection of the ethos underlying the brand as a whole.

The adult skincare line was later developed employing traditional beauty secrets from nations all over the world by effectively combining tradition, science, and nature's goodness for amazing skincare.

Nirvana Natural Bliss products are paraben-free, alcohol-free, petroleum-free, free from animal fats and are ocean and eco-friendly. 



How do we define Natural?


We define natural as products that are free from harsh ingredients and are derived when at least 99% of the molecule is from natural sources such as plant extracts, botanical actives, essential oils, beeswax, plant oils and butters.

How we define harsh ingredients?


Harsh ingredients are essentially those that are chemically-derived and have scientifically and conclusively been found to cause harmful effects to the body.
We do not use these ingredients in our product development:
Formaldahyde, Hydroquinone, Mineral oils/Petroleum, Parabens, SLS/SLES, Talc, Phthalates, Urea, Animal fats

Do we use preservatives in our formulations?


It is an absolute necessity in the promotion of safe skincare to use a ECOCERT certified preservative. We choose a paraben-free option in our formulations.