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Acne Blemish & Repair StickAcne Blemish & Repair Stick

Acne Treatment

Acne Blemish & Repair Stick

Achieve Clearer Skin with the Power of Nature: Alcohol-Free Acne Blemish & Repair Stick   This Acne Blemish & Repair Stick is a  powerful blend of botanical actives that work...
R 420.00
Activated Charcoal Clear Skin Facial ScrubActivated Charcoal Clear Skin Facial Scrub

Facial Scrub

Activated Charcoal Clear Skin Facial Scrub

Suitable For Oily and Sensitive Skin Types Looking for a flawless complexion the all-natural way and have oily or sensitive skin? This formulation is packed with the natural moisturising effect...
R 270.00
Advanced Everyday Facial MoisturiserAdvanced Everyday Facial Moisturiser

Facial Moisturiser

Advanced Everyday Facial Moisturiser

Discover the Power of  our Advanced Everyday Facial Moisturiser For Healthy, Glowing Skin Transform your skin with the ultimate  skincare experience and reveal a smoother, plumper, and more radiant-looking skin...
R 690.00
African Baobab OilAfrican Baobab Oil

African Oils

African Baobab Oil

Enhance your daily skincare routine with this luxurious, African-sourced skincare essential. Baobab oil harnesses the power of Africa's most iconic symbol - the Baobab tree. Known as "The Tree of...
R 140.00
African Marula Oil from SwazilandAfrican Marula Oil from Swaziland

African Oils

African Marula Oil from Swaziland

Experience the age-old beauty secret of African women with Marula Oil! This "miracle oil" is extracted from the seed kernels of the marula fruit and has been cherished for centuries...
R 190.00
AUM Elixir OilsAUM Elixir Oils

Facial Oil

AUM Elixir Oils

Experience the power of Ayurveda with AUM  elixir oils, the perfect blend of botanical oils and essential oils that balance each of the three doshas - Kapha, Vata, and Pitta....
R 450.00
Autumn LotionAutumn Lotion

Autumn Lotion

Experience the ultimate hydration and nourishment for your skin with our Autumn Lotion. As the autumn air starts to turn cold and dry, your skin's needs changes. Our oil-based moisturiser...
R 320.00
Baby Jelly

Baby Skincare

Baby Jelly

As a mother, we understand that your baby's delicate skin needs extra love and care. That's why we created our 100% natural baby jelly, with an infusion of love and...
R 120.00
Baby Massage Oil

Baby Skincare

Baby Massage Oil

Our gentle and calming baby massage oil, is carefully crafted to soothe and prepare your little one for a restful sleep. Our bright golden formula is infused with whole Chamomile...
R 190.00
Baby Powder

Baby Skincare

Baby Powder

Description Hyper-absorbent and Talc-free This mild and gentle powder is developed with the love and care of a mother to provide a talc- free alternative to help soothe and protect...
R 110.00

Facial Cleansers

Brightening Facial Cleanser

A powerful cleanser, specially formulated to address dark spots, hyper-pigmentation, and uneven skin tone. Our gentle formula combines the natural actives of Turmeric, Sandalwood, and Frankincense, which work together to...
R 179.00

Facial Moisturiser

Brightening Facial Moisturiser

If you have uneven skin tone, dark spots and hyper-pigmentation and are looking for a natural way of achieving brighter and lighter skin this is the moisturiser for you. This...
R 450.00