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6 Top Reasons Why You Should Exfoliate Today




By Dr. Nirvana S. Pillay, Medical Scientist & Founder of Nirvana Natural Bliss


Your skin naturally renews itself about every 25-28 days, but as you age the rate at which cells regenerate slows down which can result in dull, rough skin and pigmentation.

"You can easily assist your skin by making exfoliation part of your regular skincare routine at home."

We know the importance of exfoliation and have developed an amazing range of facial scrubs most suitable for your skin type with natural botanical oils, essential oils and natural actives.

It is so beneficial and important for you to exfoliate that  All Nirvana Natural Bliss Skincare kits include a facial scrub that is specific for your skin type.

If you want healthy and glowing skin exfoliating at least once a week is most essential- I personally exfoliate up to three times a week. How often you exfoliate is totally dependent on how your skin reacts to exfoliation. If your skin becomes red or inflamed you can exfoliate less or if  your skin can tolerate exfoliation then try more often.  A cautionary note that over-exfoliating can leave your skin dry, irritated and damaged, so do be mindful of this.

Exfoliation with Nirvana Natural Bliss Facial Scrubs will mechanically as opposed to chemically, remove dead skin cells. You can do this  by applying  a small amount of the facial scrub to your hand and by gently rubbing and applying pressure in an upward circular motion onto your damp skin. This will not only remove the dead skin cells but  it will also replenish the oils  (due to our formula) to your skin, making it feel soft and healthy. This method of exfoliation will also increase blood circulation which will help to achieve a glow to your skin.

In short, here are 6 top reasons why you should exfoliate:

1) If you have ingrown hairs on your face or body- this will allow the hair to break through the skin and removed dead skin cells

2) If you have dry skin you may find flaky areas that need to be removed and then apply a moisturiser if necessary.

3) If you have pigmentation and dark areas due to aging, pregnancy of hormonal changes. 

4) If you have acne or blemishes -exfoliate to remove damaged skin cells and encourage new cell growth.

5) If you have blackheads and whiteheads and experience clogged pores, exfoliation will draw out congestion.

6) If you have normal skin and just want that natural healthy glow.

Remember to drink lots of water to help your skin be its' best!


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