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How to use a Duo Jade Facial Roller?

By Dr. Nirvana S. Pillay, Medical Scientist & Founder of Nirvana Natural Bliss



Using a Duo Jade Facial Roller is much easier than you think . You just need to follow a few simple steps when rolling. 

Always use your Jade Roller on a clean face unless you are using it on a sheet mask for deeper penetration of the product. Do not exert any pressure when using your Jade Roller. It should be a natural rolling action.

Massaging the eye area: Use the small part of your Nirvana Natural Bliss Duo Jade Roller and start at the inner corner of the eye lids and roll in the outward direction. Do the same underneath the eye rolling in an outward direction.

Use the large end of the Jade Roller for the cheeks and jawline, forehead and neck. 

Massaging the cheeks and jawline: Start at the chin and roll upward and outward toward the ears.

Massaging the forehead: Start midway at the forehead and roll either left or right directions toward the temples of your face.

Massaging the neck area: Start at the top of the neck and roll with the large end of the roller in a downward direction for effective lymphatic drainage.

how to use a jade roller

To make it easier to remember, I always roll from an inward to an outward direction away from your face (toward the hairline)  and in an upward direction, except when massaging the neck.

Not only have I found using the Jade Roller very relaxing to use before bedtime but also found it useful for deeper penetration of the serum I use at night, Nirvana Natural Bliss Brightening Night Serum.

My eyes also tend to be puffy on some days and so I  sometimes keep my Jade roller in the fridge for the days when I need an extra lift.

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