Night Time Skincare Routine with Nirvana Natural Bliss

By  Adila Jallal, Law Graduate, Former Health & Beauty Editor of Essentials Magazine, Founder of The Daily Doll




A good skincare routine is something everyone should have. I first embarked on my skincare journey around the age of 17 upon finding a moisturiser sample in a Cosmopolitan magazine. Since then, it has been stop-and-start. I have never fully committed because my skin has always been kind to me. I rarely remove my make-up before going to bed and I had not even heard of serum until I became a beauty editor.

I’ve gained better insights into my skin during the past two years. I now understand the importance of antioxidants, hydration, sun protection and weekly treatments such as exfoliation and face masks. I have also grown accustomed to more targeted action, like spot blitzing and brightening pigmented areas.


I have never been afraid to use new products, but my approach to all things beauty and skincare has always been a little different. I am conscious of my lifestyle, my budget as well as my particular skin concerns. When it comes to skincare, I believe that less is more. I like multi-functional products that I can afford to re-stock and I like keeping things simple.

My current night-time routine consists of four easy steps that pack a mighty punch and here’s what it looks like:



There is nothing better than a cleansing balm at night because you can remove make-up and clean your skin at the same time. Sometimes I follow on with a gel cleanser as part of a double-cleanse, but only when my skin has been under severe pressure or when I have been wearing heavy make-up for a prolonged period.


I like to work on skin concerns as and when they appear, but when it comes to evening out complexion, the best time to get to work is at night. This is because certain ingredients contained in brightening serum make the skin more sensitive to sunlight and can therefore cause more harm than good if used in the morning. My forehead and the area around my mouth tend to be a little darker than the rest of my face. To help even out my skin tone I apply one pump of the Brightening Facial Night Serum using gentle circular motions until absorbed.


Relaxing the muscles in your face is just as important as relieving tension in the rest of your body. This is my favourite step, as it allows me five minutes to unwind and breathe. Using my Jade Roller and three drops of the African Marula Oil from Swaziland, I gently massage my face and neck in upward strokes. This technique has been used for centuries to help promote lymphatic drainage and decrease puffiness due to fluid build-up in the soft tissues of the face.  The Jade roller helps tighten my pores because the stone is constantly cool to the touch, and the gentle pressure boosts blood circulation which in turn helps bring oxygen to the cells and contributes to a more youthful look.

The pure Marula oil is hydrating and luxurious. My skin feels smoother and looks clearer, without leaving a heavy residue. This oil also works well under foundation if you want to achieve a dewy base


Once all the serum and oil have been lovingly worked into the skin after the facial massage, I seal in all that goodness by applying a generous layer of face cream. I have dry/combination skin and my cheeks tend to feel tight and neglected, so I like to double up on hydration at night. The Clear Skin Facial Moisturiser for Dry Skin is not as thick as I expected, but I find applying it after the face oil works rather well. The combination creates something of a nourishing cocoon for my face while I sleep. The cream itself contains silk protein and is delicately scented.

Drink a glass of water before bed and remember…

…Even the best skincare products cannot deliver results if you do not apply them consistently. The real secret to achieving skin you feel confident in, is discipline. My self-care goal for the next 21 days is taking the time to invest in myself and in doing so forming the habit of night-time skincare that will benefit me for years to come.  If, like me, you’ve been dragging your heels in this department, start today, where you are, with what you have on your vanity.

We are worth it.




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