Mafura Butter with Wooden Applicator Comb

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African Oils
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Traditionally, mafura butter has been used by people in the Southern regions of Africa as a hair and skin moisturiser.

Science tells us that mafura butter is rich in essential fatty acids: palmitic, stearic, oleic and linoleic acids.

Mafura Butter has nourishing and restructuring properties and it promotes more manageable hair as the high fat content restores hair elasticity and softens hair cuticles. 

Excellent for the hair and scalp as a pre-conditioner hair treatment.

To Use

Apply the desired amount on hair.

Can be used to make hair soft, silky and smooth

Can be used as a pre-wash hair conditioner to prevent the drying effects of harsh chemicals found in some shampoos.

Made With

100% Pure and Organic Mafura Butter