Protective Adult Face Mask with PM 2.5 Filter (Black)

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Face Mask
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This is a reusable cotton adults  PM 2.5 face mask that contains a 5 layer activated carbon filter with an exhalation valve and adjustable loops.

What is it?

This is not just an ordinary cloth mask -it is a protective mask with a PM 2.5 activated carbon filter. The filter consists of 5 layers that effectively prevents particulate matter  (PM) smaller than 2.5 micrometers from entering the airways.

Wearing a cloth mask should also be used in conjunction with good hand hygiene and physical distancing of 1.5m from others

  • Wearing a cloth mask in itself will reduce the transmission of droplets from any source (coughing or sneezing)
  • Prevents particulate matter (PM) smaller than 2.5 micrometers from entering the airways
  • It will reduce inhaling large number of droplets from others
  • Will reduce exposure in overcrowded areas such as shopping malls, shops
  • Has an exhalation valve for easy breathing
  • Washable
  • Has adjustable ear loops for a comfortable wear

Function: PM2.5, anti-pollution, 5-layers

Features: Activated Carbon Filter, Adjustable Loops, Reusable

Exhalation valve : Acts like a check valve, that permits air to flow out of the respirator  and then prevents reverse flow through the valve on inhalation. They are designed to permit minimal inward leakage of air contaminants during inhalation and provides low resistance during exhalation.

Material: Cotton

Size: 13x18cm

Pack: Includes 2 x 2.5 P.M Filters

Suitable For: Teenagers and Adults

How to use:

Insert the PM 2.5 filter as shown - then loop the mask over the ears and adjust the loops so that the face mask covers both the nose and mouth. Do not touch the front cloth part of the mask. Make sure that the mask fits comfortably on your face and ensure that they do not fiddle with the mask.

Wash /Care Instructions:

Hand wash only-do not machine wash

Air-dry only- do not tumble dry

Remove 2.5. P.M. before washing

Replace 2.5. P.M. filter when necessary

Valve can be removed for washing purposes

Good to Know

* Hand wash only and air dry only. 

* No refunds or returns for personal hygiene purposes -sale is final