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100% Organic Rooibos Tea-licious Gift Set

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Give the gift of nature from the iconic South African Rooibos plant from the Cederberg mountains of the Cape. This set nourishes your body from within and rejuvenates your skin. 

Directions: Run a bath or in a shower, dampen skin and place a small amount of the scrub in your hand before gently massaging the scrub in an upward motion on. Rinse off. 

Boil freshly drawn water and boil. Steep the tea bag into the water, using your Nirvana Natural Bliss keepsake mug, and enjoy a relaxing cup of tea. 

Gift set includes:

1x 20 tagless 100% organic Rooibos teabags

1x 50g rejuvenating Rooibos body scrub

1x Nirvana Natural Bliss Keepsake Ceramic Mug